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Born and raised in Chicago, Josh attended UIC after completing a 4-year stint in the United States Marine Corps. Soon after, he began his career in fitness as a trainer and instructor at the East Bank Club in Chicago, where he would stay for the next 10 years. 


In 2016, Josh received his Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Adler University. Today he resides in Hales Corners, Wisconsin where he enjoys speed skating at the Petit Olympic Training Center, running trails and other forms or resistance training. His fitness approach is that individuals should progress at a pace that is comfortable and to set moderate and attainable goals.

Josh Rogers

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Josh teaches

Basic Training


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Monika Kowal is Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor who is changing lives and inspiring a new generation.

Born in Poland, Monika became a personal trainer when she was 18 years old.

Her style incorporates various techniques including high intensity training,  pilates, resistance training, core training, running and cycling. She herself has competed in multiple Ironman races and knows a thing about endurance training!

Monika wants to help everyone find positivity in their bodies and help mentor them to achieve their individualized goals.

Monika Kowal

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Monika teaches

Endurance Training


Samantha Gitlin found her love for yoga while she was attending the University of Iowa. In 2010, she took her dedication and love for the practice to the next level and completed her teacher training. Samantha is certified as an E-RYT200, and also trained in Yoga Sculpt, and Yin Yoga.


In Samantha's classes, you will find her love for vinyasa based yoga, linking movement to breath. She loves to sequence fun, alignment based classes, often focusing on a theme or peak pose. Most importantly, just like life, Samantha believes that this lifelong practice is never about making your pose perfect, but about exploring the journey and having fun along the way.

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Samantha Gitlin

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Samantha teaches

yoga classes


Maria has been in the fitness industry since 1990. At that time, she began working as a fitness instructor while pursuing a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Maria went on to attain a Masters of Public Health with an emphasis in Health Education and Promotion from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She holds personal training, fitness and nutrition certifications and her areas of expertise include fitness coaching, group exercise, yoga, and pilates.

As a businesswoman, wife, and mother of 3, she understands the challenge many women face when it comes to achieving balance, managing stress and living an active lifestyle. She loves the opportunity and the experience of partnering with her clients to achieve their fitness goals and helping them to reach beyond their greatest potential through healthy lifestyle practices.

Whether you want to defy age, be a better athlete, look better naked or just be able to do a push-up… she believes no goal is unimaginable or unobtainable, as she will work with you for the right program, coach, hard work and dedication. This leads to her clients feeling, performing and looking their best…or being just plain FABULOUS!

Maria Armstead

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Maria teaches strength and cardio classes


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Sue has been teaching fitness for over 20 years all over the world. From China, to Dubai and finally in Chicago, Sue has tried out all forms of fitness and knows how to push the body with exercise and recovery to achieve optimal results. Sue's training is not for the faint of heart, as she pushes her students to the edge and trains them for peak fitness.

Her clients don't need to be athletes- she has clients of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds, and she creates achievable yet high goals, moving the needle as soon as her clients are able to reach them. 

Sue Wen

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Sue teaches HIIT, Yoga and Kickboxing classes

Laura WIlson.png

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Laura has worked as a program director and developed education and curriculum for multiple international brands in the fitness industry over the past 15 years.  For the last three years she has worked as the Global Director for Small Group and Personal Training for Power Plate.

She has presented at numerous industry conventions internationally and has written multiple accredited programs including training and education for KettleWorX, HIGHX, LifelineUSA, and Les Mills. 

Her experience as a national trainer and presenter as well as a club manager and club owner, have given her insight into both sides of the fitness world.  Her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Purdue University allowed her to develop freestyle programming, pre-choreography, as well as design and structure fitness programming at the club level.

Laura Wilson

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Laura teaches Surge Circuit and Fit to Fight


I have been training for 9 years. I started as a post and prenatal trainer working with women wanting to stay fit throughout their pregnancy in a safe way and giving them their bodies back once they delivered their babies. I specialize in high intensity programs, core strength, balance & movement but am passionate in all aspects of fitness. I fell in love with fitness after going through my own self image struggles and have made it my goal to help others see fitness as a positive, fun and necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. As a busy mom I'm always looking for fun ways to stay active with my family so we love going for bike rides and hikes. I'm a passionate cook and a year and a half ago I decided to go vegetarian. I want to make a difference in peoples' lives just the way someone made a difference in my life years ago. My goal is to show people that anything is possible with commitment, dedication and the right people guiding you.

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Marisol Gramlich

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Marisol teaches Bodyweight HIIT, Yoga Sculpt, Strength Training, Butts + Gutts and EMOM classes 


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Joey began studying yoga after college as a way to manage stress and find balance in her career. Six years later, she made the switch from chemist to yoga instructor. In 2010, she rounded out her search for health and wellness by becoming an AFAA group exercise instructor. On this path, she found a passion for Barre, kettlebells and indoor cycling. Joey's classes bring a playful zen that draws from a well of yoga and fitness styles over the past 16 years.

Joey is an instructor at eb and flow yoga, East Bank Club, and is an adjunct Yoga Professor at Depaul University.

Joey Mucha

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Joey teaches Barre, Plyo Push, and Yoga classes