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Live Zoom and
On-Demand Workouts

Motivating, Fun, Goal-Oriented Workouts with the Best Trainers

Get UNLIMITED Live Zoom and On-Demand Fitness Classes for only $15 for your first month!

What is Virtual Studio Space


Book a fitness class and automatically get the zoom link  emailed to you. Take class with friends and get to know your instructor.

Virtual Studio Space is an Online Live + On Demand + Outdoor Live fitness experience.  VSS brings together best in class, highly trained fitness instructors who offer a variety of workouts to meet every fitness need, on your time.  We offer a variety of Yoga, Barre, Pilates, HIIT, Bootcamp and Strength classes. We aim to deliver fitness and wellness on your time, in your space.


Martha G.

No time-wasting commute. No parking woes.

No packing my whole life in a gym bag.  No yucky gym shower. No excuses.

Jackie J.

VSS is a lifesaver, and I work out harder now than I did at the gym.

Lisa F.

VSS has been a great source for excellent classes and instructors while in Chicago and the West Coast.  The best part of VSS has been taking Yoga  with my daughter in London and my sister in law in Arizona. Seeing them on zoom during the flow warms my heart every time.  


Founded in 2020 by Sally Pissetzky Steele and Karl Stark in Chicago, Illinois, Virtual Studio Space filled the needs of students and instructors who were looking for a turnkey, easy to use fitness space. What started as a desire to support friends and  a passionate  fitness community changed by Covid-19, became an easy to use virtual workout platform.  VSS is designed to help users  meet their  fitness and wellness needs on their time, in their space today and into the future.

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