Wen's High Intensity Interval Training
Half WHIIT        WHIIT        WHIIT Kickboxing        WHIIT Yoga      Rehab/Stretch

The WHIIT program consists of 5 modalities: 

WHIIT - 40 mins full body HIIT 

Half WHIIT - 20 mins dynamic core challenge

WHIIT Kickboxing - 40 mins advanced mixed martial arts 

WHIIT Yoga - 45 mins athletic power flow 

Stretch/Rehab - How to take care of yourself to maintain high performance

The classes are designed to challenge you physically (strength/cardio) and mentally (endurance) using full-body, functional and athletic movements.

HIIT has been proven to be superior to steady state training or isolated exercises in most cases.


My aim is to incorporate high intensity methods to help you achieve a higher level of fitness, put you on a fast track for weight loss, break the plateau,  and help you reach your full fitness potential and goals.