Day 4 of VSSmakah

On the fourth day of VSSmakah I got a chance to win

A Power Plate Pulse Massager

and 5 class pack for my bestie!

Get 20% off a Power Plate Pulse Recovery Tool 

Enter your info to win a Power Plate Pulse Massager plus a 5 live class pack to give to a friend! 

Everyone's a winner!

Check your e-mail for your giveaway! 

One entry per person. Duplicate entries will be removed, unless you referred a friend who entered and wrote your name as a referral. Enter your name and e-mail for your chance to win a Power Plate Pulse Massager and a second 5 live class pack for a friend, valued at $299.00.  We will notify the winner, chosen randomly, within 48 hours via e-mail. We will ask for the e-mail address of the recipient of their buddy pass. Prizes cannot be transferred or shared, and expire within 3 months.

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