Nutrition  &  Accountability

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Shelby Busse

Holistic Wellness • Nutrition •


"Change your mindset through mindful eating and nutrition, and stress and anxiety management"

Kristin Ryan

Attainable  Sustainable  Mindful

"Prioritize your health & wellness in a sustainable and attainable way by addressing emotional & restrictive eating, cravings, body image issues and more"

Brooke Shupe

Empower  Achieve  Evolve

"Transform your life from the inside out with tools to execute and achieve more motivation and fulfillment, and less struggle and overwhelm"

About the Program


Learn how to master meal planning and prep


Get detailed  and personalized fitness plans in conjunction with Virtual Studio Space trainers


Receive interactive total body wellness education and coaching


Consistent accountability coaching to stay the course + reach your goals

  MENTAL HEALTH     •     NUTRITION     •     ACCOUNTABILITY     •    COMMUNITY   •    BARRE      •     PILATES      •      HIIT    •    YOGA     •     STRENGTH

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