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Hello, my name is Ashton Roark. I am a certified personal trainer. I've been training and leading group fitness classes for 8+years. It is my passion to help others set fitness goals that go way beyond physique. I believe an active lifestyle should transform more than your physical body. The discipline and drive you display at the gym should profoundly impact your interior and exterior world. 


Beyond personal training, I hold certifications for SPIN level 2, Power Plates, and Barre. Classes are a great way to stay connected to and benefit from a built-in community. Not to mention their fun and uplifting. The only way you can stay committed to your fitness goal is by choosing the activities you love. Whatever form of exercise you should inspire you to grow and become your best on a daily basis.


For me, my favorite way to get moving is swimming laps in the pool. Your body is a gift that is going to carry you throughout this lifetime you might as well nurture it! 

  MENTAL HEALTH     •     NUTRITION     •     ACCOUNTABILITY     •    COMMUNITY   •    BARRE      •     PILATES      •      HIIT    •    YOGA     •     STRENGTH

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